Friday, 9 September 2011


This week I completed and posted a custom made bunting to a friend. Isn't it just delightful!?

The request: a bunting to be used to decorate "birthdays, picnics and a bridal shower."  

The key words given: "pretty, slightly quirky, not overly girly, but sort of sophisticated and still funky"  "whimsical" and "eclectic"

The challenge was accepted and so I went about attempting to gather the perfect vintage and up-cycled fabric from here there and everywhere.

Mission accomplished? Well I for one am in love with it and am now in the midst of a bunting making frenzy.

If buntings could talk they would encourage you to pop on a pretty floral dress and laze about on cushions and blankets in your sun-drenched garden, drinking cups of tea and eating small sandwhiches. Which coincidently (if you throw in a glass of wine or two) sounds like the perfect way to spend a sunny Friday afternoon ; )

Happy weekend my lovelies

Ruby Bluebird xx

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