Thursday, 8 September 2011

Goodbye Winter. Hello Spring

 Welcoming Spring with picnics and pool visits...

Goodbye Winter! You were too long, too hard, too heartbreaking this year. And so we happily bade you farewell on August 31st....with a night of red wine and delicious bean shepherd's pie by the fire. It was a tough and bumpy and somewhat terrifying ride....but we made it through. And for that we are thankful. Hoorah!

Now spring has sprung, in more ways than one. Sunshiny days ahead. We can sense the cold retreating, the happiness blossoming, the blue skies stretching.

And so we succumb to the urge to... laze on the grass... pick flowers from the neighbourhood... smile...  swim...  feast...  play....  converse in utter silliness and giggles...  lose oursleves in an afternoon of tangled limbs and warmth and kisses....  

....and the urge to, quite simply, feel happy.

And whilst all this is absolutely glorious, the transition between Winter and Spring isn't always sunshine and lollipops. It can be a little tricky and confusing re-entering the big wide world post hibernation. So here are some more of Ruby Bluebird's remedies for easing your tired, creaky body and soul out of the depths of the Winter sludge...

 -get that body moving girl! My favourite body mover and shaker activities include yoga, walking, and visiting my local outdoor heated pool to swim laps as well as doing a cross between walking and aerobics (quite hilarious!)  whilst admiring the delightful coloured bunting (of course!)

 -eat "life pie" (essentially a crumble with as many scrumptious, soul soothing, health giving fruits and berries that you can lay your hands'll fix you right up!)

 -drink cups of tea

 -sit in the garden and allow the sun to kiss your eyelids, your upturned face and the top of your head.

 -create something. Anything. With your hands. Embroider, bake, sew, cook, crochet, paint, scupltor, knit.

Trust me, you'll be feeling on top of the world in no time

Love Ruby Bluebird xx

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