Wednesday, 17 August 2011

DIY: handmade paper decorations

DIY Paper Lanterns

DIY Paper Wheels

DIY Streamer Backdrop

Ruby Bluebird is getting married! The wedding is still a loooong, looooong way off. However, I have lately been inundated with the advice that "it'll be here before you know it!" and so I have started to slowly peruse the net for DIY wedding ideas.

And these paper decorations have most certainly caught my eye. I am a lover of COLOUR!!! And texture. And, of course, all things handmade. These decorations are fun, simple to make and could certainly be re-used....for weddings, parties, anything (if you'll excuse my reference to a certain 90s folk rock band)  ; )

You can find step by step instructions for these glorious Paper Lanterns here. The Paper Wheels and Streamer Backdrop come from Ruffled, which is a delightful site showcasing plenty of real handmade weddings, as well as recycling and DIY ideas.  A good "read" for the handmade bride.

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