Thursday, 11 August 2011

Inspiration board...

I have been feeling a little creatively lost and directionless of late. So to tackle those feelings head on I decided this afternoon that it was time to make a new INSPIRATION BOARD!!!! A fantastic way to refocus, to remind yourself of where you are trying to head and what you are trying to achieve. This is a creative inspiration board to get Ruby Bluebird back on track....but you can make one for any occasion/facet of your life.

Ingredients: Scissors, pins, cork board.

Recipe: collect images from here there and everywhere....magazines, library, internet. ANYTHING that inspires you, catches your eye, makes you smile.

OR....if you're not into doing it the old fashioned way, you can take a look at Pinterest. A website that lets you collect images from the net and collate them on your very own virtual pin-up board.

I'm pretty content with my real life pin-up board for has taken pride of place above the sewing machine. And by the looks of things we may be heading towards a very bright and colourful creative future! Here's hoping! xx

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