Friday, 5 August 2011

Perth: Sunny 19 degrees

Perth: Sunny 19 degrees. It is wintry days like these that make my heart sing! It feels like spring has sprung in my back garden today...the flowers are out and the lemon tree is weighed down with an abundance of citrusy goodness. Providing us with the vital ingredient for our much needed hot lemon & honey drinks. Delightful!

My sweetheart, Mr Bodes, is heading off on an adventure early tomorrow morning. A 10 day work trip camping on the Nullabor, near the WA/SA border. The days may be sunny but the nights will be I spent this afternoon sewing him a snuggly new scarf. The outer layer is thick grey "jumper fabric" which I found in an op-shop in Osbourne Park, and the lining is made from an old checked doona cover. Sew them together and voila!....a NEW scarf.

Before sewing the scarf up completely, I embroidered a tiny heart on the inside of the lining...a little something from me for him to take on his travels x

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